Zenith 2 Stripped Knob

The Thoracic/Dorsal section tightening knob on this Zenith 2 table was stripped. Actually, the knob was not stripped, the Carrier was, the incorrect knob stud was the culprit. Somewhere along the line the manufacturer's brass stud was replace with a steel stud. The steel stud put more stress on the internal threads of the Carrier, over time resulting in stripped threads.

Bearing Debris.jpg

Challenging to view from lack of light, but this image shows the perspective from looking down the interior of the Carrier, that the end of the tube should be round.

Debris with illumination.jpg

This is the same view with illumination. Note the accumulated debris from the wear in the bearing. While unsightly and should be cleaned, this is considered normal in a table that is 26 years old

What's this.jpg

After cleaning the interior of the Carrier a little bonus was found. There was stripped threads from the original brass stud.

Round Circle.jpg

A little out of focus but the bore is now clean and round.


The Carrier was repaired by way of a thread insert, the stud in the Knob was replaced with a brass stud. When asked about a warranty on the repair, the customer was assured the table would fall down around the repair i.e., warrantied for life.